About Me

"That is beautiful which is produced by the inner need, which sprang from it's soul."-W. Kandinsky

Painting is a spiritual experience for me. I feel I am only the vessel; my hand the tool which is guided by something outside of myself.
When I was seven years old, I asked my mother to take me to the store to buy drawing paper and pencils. I never stopped drawing. In high school, I lived in the Art Room; it was my piece of heaven. I received some formal training in college, where I studied Fine Art and Early Education at Goddard College. This is where I received my B.A. I had a solo show as my requirement for graduation. I also studied visual art at U.V.M. and Bennington College. Since moving to Nantucket in 1978, I have been taking drawing and painting classes, as well as workshops for many years at The Artists’ Association. In the early days I also attended many classes at Nantucket Island School of Design and Art.
I had to stop painting in oils when I moved to Nantucket because there was no space, but I always kept drawing and using watercolors. It wasn't until 2007 that I became inspired again to paint in oils. I went back to taking classes and workshops. I have attended a weekly professional critique class with Ken Layman since 2009.  I was accepted into The Artists’ Association in 2011 as an artist member and I am now on the Gallery Board.
I am presently showing my paintings at The Gallery at 4 India Street, and The Joyce and Seward Johnson Gallery. Nantucket has been my year-round home since 1978.  I have worn many hats here. I was a dedicated preschool teacher for 25 years, as well as a naturalist and Artist.
The natural beauty of Nantucket has made it an inspiring place for many artists over the years.  For me, that inspiration comes from both the long walks I take by myself and, when I ran my own school, with my preschoolers.  I spend a great deal of time walking on our many extraordinarily beautiful beaches and sandy roads. The light is unlike anywhere else on this earth!  The blending of the colors and shapes I see every day on this island infuses my paintings and reflects the love and respect I have for the island’s landscape.  
People say that my paintings make them feel peaceful. I hope you find that as well.